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Activities for a Rainy Day in North Lewis

Updated: Apr 30

We do get our fair share of wind and rain here in the north end of Lewis. Although this makes for dramatic photography and an atmospheric ambience as the wind whistles around the house, it can be difficult to keep everyone entertained when the weather is far from ideal. So, in this blog post, we will share a list of activities that we enjoy doing ourselves, or with our families, when the rain seems relentless. There’s still fun to be had!

1. Bowling at Spòrsnis

Visit the only 10 pin bowling alley in the Western Isles! The bowling alley is located within Spòrsnis, our local community sports hub. A Bring Your Own Bottle policy is also in place, for adults who would like to play an evening game. Call (+44) 01851 810 039 for prices and to book your slot.

2. Lionel School Swimming Pool

Currently closed in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

If you’re going to get soaked outside, you might as well get soaked inside! Outwith school hours, the 12.5m swimming pool at Lionel Primary School is open to the public for use. Hours

Tues 19:00 – 21:00 Public Swimming (20.00 – 21.00 is for adults swimming) Thurs 18:00 – 20:00 Public Swimming Thurs 20:00 – 21:00 Over 16s Sat 11:00 – 16:00 Public Swimming Sun CLOSED Prices – Adults £3.00, Over 6 years, over 60s and concessions £1.50, Under 6 free

3. Comunn Eachdraidh Nis / Ness Historical Society

The Ness Historical Society is situated in the village of North Dell, in what was formerly the Cross Primary School. It now holds a historical archive, museum and café – perfect for tracing your family tree, gaining a glimpse into what life was like in these communities, or passing some time with a coffee and cake.

4. Spòrsnis Bikes & Trikes and Softplay

There is also a softplay facility, which can serve as the perfect activity to keep them entertained. Tea, coffee and snacks can be purchased on site for those not playing. Call (+44) 01851 810 039 for more information and prices.

5. Experience the Estate from the Comfort of your Armchair!

The landscape of the Galson Estate has inspired authors from around the world to create literature, and has served as the backdrop to many notable works. But the Estate itself has also produced many talented authors, poets and writers, each hailing from the many different villages within the Galson Estate boundary. Why not curl up with a book at home and lose yourself in one of these works? More information coming soon.

6. Local Shopping

The north end of Lewis is very well served in terms of amenities, and we are lucky to have many gifted artists living and working here on the Estate. Why not spend a rainy day visiting these workshops and shops? Go to our Shop Local page to find out more about the beautiful gifts you can purchase, often handmade here on the Estate.

7. Gym at Spòrsnis

For those of us who still like to keep active during our holidays, the gym at Spòrsnis could meet your needs when the outdoor conditions are less than ideal! Weightlifting, fitness suite and sauna all available. Call (+44) 01851 810 039 for more information and prices.

8. A Meal or a Drink at One of our Many Bars and Restaurants!

Hunker down in one of our many welcoming bars and restaurants on the Estate, and enjoy good food, drink and craic. Visit our Eat Local page to see the list. Live music is sometimes available, too!

9. Bingo, Games and Live Music at Ness Football Club Social Club

April 2021 - Club currently closed owing to COVID-19 restrictions.

Football is very important to the Ness community. The Social Club in Lionel is open most evenings for drinks. Bingo features on select nights and live music events are regularly hosted here. You can follow the activities of the football club on Facebook – search for ‘Ness Football Club’, or call (+44) 01851 810 421 to find out what’s on.

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