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Visit Galson Estate - safely and sustainably

Updated: May 20, 2021

Borve shore.

We want all of our visitors to the Galson Estate to have the most enjoyable trip they can. By following the steps below, you will not only be helping our local economy and people - you will also help to protect our environment, so that others can enjoy everything that our community offers for many years to come.

Support our local businesses and makers

To support our local businesses, why not buy your supplies or your gifts from one of our local businesses. We are well-served on the Estate, with many local makers, crofters, weavers and shop owners operating in the area. Our community is hard at work – come and see the fruits of their labour. Click here to see business listings on the Estate.

Engage with our local community

Our community is often bustling with events, happenings and local goings-on. Visit the Comunn Eachdraidh Nis (Ness Historical Society) for an insight into the history of our community.

Feel the rhythms of our way of life by getting involved in some of our local events. See our events page here for event listings.